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image 1You have reached the home pages of Philippa and John Hughes, a pair of hopeless romantics who live midst the suburban wilderness of Canberra, Australia.

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By way of a 2007 Sacred Time Greeting to our gaming friends, this Orlanthi wallpaper/screensaver image has been rendered by John. (2133 by 1600, 980 K JPG). Click on the thumbnail to download the full size image. Bright blessings.

Our domain is home to:

Mytheme: The 3D Art of Pip and John Hughes

Please visit Mytheme, our gallery of genre and game art created using a variety of 3D modelling applications including DAZ Studio and Poser.


Questlines is John’s Orlanthi resource page for the HeroQuest and RuneQuest game systems, including cultural background, published and unpublished fiction, and a Glorantha Art Gallery.

3D Art Resources

John’s PDF tutorial on the Secrets of Victoria 4’s Eyes can be found here. [2.4 Meg PDF document, 1 Jan 2007)

Roleplaying Resources

Details of Kwaidan, Pip and John’s Japanese ghost story to be run in June at Phenomenon 2008, can be found here.

Details of Quest: Mask of Heroes, John’s systemless roleplaying module which was first run at Phenomenon 2007, can be found here.

And coming soon (like, before 2012), Ontolos-Na, the Bright Journey gaming project [Under Construction].

Personal Links

image 2John’s Flickr Gallery contains Hughes/Smith clan photos, random bits, and a number of graphic art projects and prints.

The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought. Founded in July 2002 in Canberra, Australia, the Centre for Progressive Religious Thought is a national community network open to any and to all who wish to explore a more progressive and open theology in a critical but supportive environment.

John is publications editor at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research at the Australian National University. The CAEPR online library is Australia’s prime resource for evidence-based Indigenous policy.

A roleplaying bibliography and partial listing of John’s game and fiction publications can be found at Pen & Paper.

Pip’s Renderosity Art Gallery can be found here (registration required).

Johns’s Renderosity Art Gallery can be found here (registration required).

John’s Artzone Gallery can be found here (registration required).