Mythologic video game : Phenomenon


John will be running the following systemless module as a Triptych at the Phenomenon roleplaying convention, Queen’s Birthday long weekend, 8-11 June 2007. Phenomenon is held at Daramalan College, Dickson, in sunny Canberra (bring a jumper).

Additional character and background details will be posted as the module is finalised.

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Quest: Mask of Heroes
A systemless multiform by John Hughes

The myth is strong.
The myth wants you back.

Being a deconstruction of sorts, of the games we play and why we play them. A seduction of heroes.
It began with a wild rush of adrenalin and almost-forgotten laughter. It became something more. In the game, you find communion. In the game, you believe in who you are.

In 2007, 4R Futures release Quest upon an unsuspecting world. Entering the game, you become heroes of high adventure in a Dark Age Fantasy Europe. And with virtual body meshing and biofeedback, your character mimics your appearance, your feelings, your very soul …

In the Quest, five friends and strangers find exhilaration and purpose for their disordered lives. Then, with the Tournament of Nations, it offers the chance of wealth, fame, and more.

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And in the background, an election, an atrocity, a political crisis, and whispers of a new nation.

  • Quest — it’s every game you’ve ever played.
  • Quest — create who you are.
  • Quest — for five everyday disasters.
  • Quest: The players by John Hughes

Genre/setting: Fantasy roleplay/personal and political intrigue.
Rating: R (coarse language, sexual and racial vilification, adult concepts).

This is not a dungeon crawl!

(And Player-Character Characters)

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Anke: The Professional

Boring city, boring marriage, boring life. Anke directs, controls, casually casts chaos in her wake. She is looking for diversion, for a new challenge. And something to hit.


Dante: The Stranger

Every leader cultivates an aura of mystery. The past is unimportant. But there is always the Rage, you live with it everyday. And you wonder if you’d have it any other way …


Philip: Mr Sexy-Nice

The good-times accountant: handsome, talented, hopelessly insecure. Philip has become so very, very good at hiding. His world is haunted by a deep, unvoiced doubt.


Rowan: The Hard Case

Once upon a time, there was a cute little goth chick. She grew up, turned vampire, scratched at eyeballs for survival. This woman hated everyone, herself most of all.


Wombat: Just Wombat

The Human Dicebag: +10 on anything with pepperoni. Wombat is an outsider, a watcher, a simple guy with simple needs. But there is danger in taking him for granted.